A home remodeling project can transform any space within your home, and the excitement of the newly designed space often overcomes the project itself. There are many things to consider when planning a remodel of any kind. We have prepared 5 tips to think about before starting a home remodeling project, big or small.

1. Know Your Style & Focus on One Room at a Time
A home remodeling project can add value to your property, especially if you are planning on the key areas of your home such as your kitchen, bathrooms, or main living spaces. When looking at the overall picture of your home remodeling project, it’s more than just labor & materials to get the job done. Start by creating a vision and style you want your room to look like.
Take notes from home TV shows, home magazines, pictures of neighbor homes, homes of friends, family, and etc. Also focus on what trends, styles, and modern technology you want to integrate into your space. The more information the better to help complete your redesigned space.

2. Set Your Desired Budget
After you have decided which room(s) to renovate, and what kind of renovations you would like to complete, the next step is to set your budget. The cost of a home remodeling project quickly adds up, which is why this tip and step in project planning is so important. It must be clear to yourself and your professional remodeler what your budget is to figure out the cost of your materials, labor, and how much flexibility you have within your total budget.

Your budget can determine the options for your desired design decisions, more or less technology integrated into your design, or a need to cut and compromise what was in your original design. Another tip to think about when setting your budget is overspending for your home value. If you plan to sell your home, getting a return on your investment is important, and putting a lot of money into a home remodeling project that might not increase the value of your home may sway some of your design and material decisions. But, if this is your forever home, you plan accordingly to your budget and the design features you want to have for years to come.

3. Understand Your Home’s Limits
Home remodeling projects or renovations can sometimes become a DIY project gone bad if you don’t know what you’re doing. Each house has a limit when it comes to large projects like removing a wall, structure, or foundation. It is best to consult a professional remodeler to know and understand your home’s limits.

Large renovations and design plans should be handled by a professional remodeler to understand the structural integrity of your home remodeling project. The professionals will put a plan in place to ensure your project is according to code, structurally sound, and safe for your family. When accepting the proposal for the home remodeling project the professional should include costs associated with these design limits and need additional costs, there should be room in your budget to absorb unforeseen costs.

4. Determine Your Home Remodeling Timing
The most asked question by homeowners is “When is the best time to remodel my home?” The answer most often given by professional remodelers is: “Any time is the right time, as long as you’re ready to do it.” When you take into account all the planning of a remodel, the best time is not necessarily when, but what to remodel or what to remodel first if you plan on having multiple areas of the home remodeled. As the homeowner, you have to be ready to start a home remodeling project when you have the time and budget and consider when the project will bring the minimum amount of hassle to your routine.

When planning your home remodeling project and hiring a professional, try to plan for enough availability to dedicate their time & labor towards your renovations. You want to think of the full amount of time the professional will be able to deliver the remodeling project, while also expecting some delays along the way. Even the most conscientious home professional may not be able to deliver your home remodeling project on time. Material delays have been very common during the past year – due to the pandemic. The weather can also delay and possibly lengthen almost any stage of construction. Take the weather into consideration depending on the time of year you start your project.

Some homeowners try to schedule a home remodeling project around a holiday or special occasion. Take into consideration how an obstacle or delay can affect your time schedule or your expectation of your finished remodel.

5. Choose the Best Professional Remodeler
Conceivably, the most crucial decision you will make when planning a home remodel is choosing a professional to handle your renovation project(s). The research and selection process for hiring a professional can often take just as much time as determining your design and choosing your materials.

It is best to think of all the aspects of your remodeling project when hiring your professional. From securing permits to having a skilled & professional team, to calling references and diving into their experience. At a minimum, you should ask about licensing and insurance!
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