More and more, we are seeing residential spaces emulate spa-like experiences in the bathroom. Following the pandemic, homeowners have sought out zen-like escapes in the comfort of their own homes. Specifically, within their bathroom. De-cluttered, open, brightly lit bathrooms help create this relaxing ambiance. Neutral or contrasting colors are both popular, depending on the style of the rest of the house. We will cover the most common features to upgrade/renovate your bathroom to give you your own at-home spa experience.

Walk-in Showers
There is an increased interest in having an “elevated shower experience”, simply put, a large shower with enough room for two people, two­ or more shower heads, large glass panels, and a seat. Alternatively, some are eliminating shower doors and shower curbs altogether for an open and accessible shower. Either way, we are seeing large, luxurious shower stalls taking the place of confined or medium sized show stalls. According to, roughly 4 out of 5 homeowners are expanding the size of their shower. For an extra kick of elegance, opt for single slab showers versus tile. They look posh and are easier to clean with the lack of grout collecting grime. A large walk-in shower should let in a lot of light whether that is with an ample amount of natural light or aided with artificial lighting.

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Mix and Match Tiles
Tiling in bathrooms has mostly had a utilitarian focus, but in the past couple of years, tile work is more of a focus point to the overall design of the bathroom. Floor to ceiling tiling, or at least part way up the wall, is rising in popularity. Mixing patterns and colors of different tiles creates a more elevated look. LHS Remodeling & Design has even taken more subtle approaches to making showers pop with installing shower niche’s (built-in shelving used for soaps, shampoos etc.) using a complimentary color or pattern. Or, opt for textured tiles as suggested by Interior Designer, Sara Barnard “The shapes add decorative interest, dimension and artistry to a space, particularly for hand-crafted or highly detailed tiles. Uniquely textured tile may also catch shadows or reflect light, contributing to the room’s overall mood as lighting is modified.”

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More Focus on the Vanity
The vanity supports function and style with its ability to hide clutter with concealed storage and can bring color or texture to pop. Keep in mind, LHS offers custom millwork and can create your vanity from scratch. Storage is particularly important to support an organized, minimalist-style spa experience. Blue, green, even red vanities are popping up more frequently these days, or, beautiful wood grain and natural tones will still offer unique style. Better Homes and Gardens states “This increasing appeal of wood complements the rapid rise of modern organic style and warm colors that we’ve seen in the last two years”. An elegant or eclectic vanity brings so much more character to the room compared to more simple designs of the past.

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Don’t Skip the Accessories!
More than ever, lighting and mirrors are key elements to aid the design of your bathroom. We’ve talked a little bit about the importance of lighting, but consider having full control of the lighting, think dimming. Your bathroom’s purpose changes throughout the day. Bright lighting will typically be important in the morning as people get ready, apply makeup, etc. Later in the day, to create this relaxing ambiance, soft lighting is better suited. Dimming and smart bulbs can help create this seamless sense of control of your bathroom’s mood.
Swapping out the mirror(s) of your bathroom is an inexpensive and effective update. Think, how ornate or simple a frame suits your bathroom best? Or for a modern, clean look, consider a seamless mirror with no frame. Other styles we’ve seen on the rise, irregularly shaped and smokey mirrors which add visual interest.

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The general consensus; people are seeking their own at-home spa! Luxury walk-in showers, beautiful lighting, and functional minimalism create a relaxing oasis in your own home. If you focus on just a few features, you can create your own zen escape with the help of LHS Remodeling & Design. Take a look at our bathroom renovation portfolio here and envision your own dream bathroom!

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