What Does A New Backsplash Do for You?
Perhaps you don’t need a whole kitchen or bathroom renovation or it’s not in your budget at this time. Replacing/installing a backsplash transforms the room at a fraction of the cost of remodeling the entire space. Backsplashes protect your walls, the spaces behind vanities and cabinets, and aid the style of your kitchen or bathroom. Let’s help narrow down your selection in backsplash material, color, and print to make this small-but-mighty makeover as smooth as possible!


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Bathroom backsplash brings style and protection

Why You Should Consider a Bathroom Backsplash
Often when we think of backsplashes, we envision tile work above kitchen countertops. However, it’s core purpose applies to our bathrooms as well. Without a backsplash, water can seep behind the vanity causing rot, mold, and mildew. Splashes of water over time can cause staining to painted walls or wallpaper. With a backsplash, you are able to wipe it down easily and the seal to the vanity prevents water getting behind it and causing expensive damage. You could even opt for a shorter backsplash, 3-6 inches, which will still offer protection and preservation. If you are getting a new countertop/vanity for your bathroom, consider using a slab of material to extend up the walls creating a seamless, uninterrupted look. Plus, you’d save some time and money without the need for grout in-between tiles.


Coordinating with the Rest of your Bathroom or Kitchen
Nicole Janes Design makes the point to avoid clashing or adding too much visual stimulation with your backsplash. Consider your countertops and/or walls, if there is a pattern then opt for a more basic backsplash. Conversely, if your countertops or walls are solid or have a subtle pattern, feel free to play around with ornamental backsplashes. The backsplash tile itself may not have a pattern or mosaic-style print, but you can create a pattern with multicolored tiles, stagger them in different compositions, or create “steps” at the edges versus streamlining them.

Mixed 01

Mixing solids and textures


Materials, Paterns, and Colors.
If you are mostly concerned with functionality and the longevity of your backsplash material, by all means. Your backsplash is an investment that needs to last a long time. According to Homes and Gardens, The most popular backsplashes for a kitchen are often the most durable ones. Think marble, tiles, and stainless steel.” These materials hold up to wear and tear and work for virtually all kitchens. Whether you have a busy kitchen, or simply want to renovate to add value to your home, these materials are all an excellent fit.

Penny 01

Penny tiles bring a unique pattern

Switching gears to the design and aesthetic, there is so much freedom of choice in the world of backsplash installation! Tiles will forever be a classic, timeless choice, but the doors have been opened for many other materials. Other interesting looks we’ve seen with backsplashes are smokey mirror finishes (bonus: this adds more light to your kitchen), brick veneer, and copper. Additionally, you can mix multiple materials like stone and tile rather than having a uniform backsplash. Tiles like Penny tiles can also create cool textures and patterns with alternating colored tiles.

bold 01

Bold and beautiful statement backsplash

Speaking of, color should also play a big role in your decision. Are you looking for something intriguing or exciting? Deep greens and blues have become increasingly popular over the years creating dramatic and elegant kitchens. In larger, more modern kitchens, homeowners can even get away with black backsplashes without making the kitchen feel small. Or, would you rather create a calm atmosphere with neutral or natural tones? Even if you select a more subdued pattern or colored tile, adding a glossy finish will give your backsplash a subtle touch of visual interest.


Take a look at our bathroom and kitchen renovations to see our expertise in backsplash installation. Don’t forget, we offer in-house design services, so we can assist with picking out an aesthetic that works well for you and your home.