Happiness starts in the kitchen, we all love to enjoy a good meal with friends and family in a beautiful kitchen. There’s something about the happiness that comes from being around a table of food with friends, family, and companions to eat, enjoy, and catch up on the latest conversations. Did you know that we tend to spend about 15-18 hours in the kitchen a month*, not to mention it is where most of the family gathers for chats about their day & making future plans.

Being the most desired room of the home, you want your kitchen to be the best looking, most comfortable, and functional area of the home. When it comes to designing your kitchen each person and family is different, we have found some of our favorite kitchen trends that will work for everyone.

    1. Use Bold ColorsThe use of bold colors in the kitchen are very popular not only in the kitchen but multiple rooms in the house. We recommend thinking out of the box and throwing a dart in the color wheel when choosing an unexpected paint-color for your kitchen, you may surprise yourself in choosing a bold color.Kitchens have a wide variety of color opportunities, from flooring, to counters, appliances and cabinets and paint in no exception to bring it all together.Choosing a color is such a personal experience for homeowners, we suggest starting in the decision the color theme of your overall look. Then you can decide what color will best fit the style and function of your kitchen. While a base color is important, working with a contrasting  color scheme can allow you to break up the main color and add a real touch of uniqueness to your kitchen design. Often homeowners don’t realize that one of easiest and least expensive options is to change your kitchen with a simple paint color and can be easily updated as you tire of it.
    2. It’s All About Hardware
      Whether you’re in the process of designing a whole new kitchen or giving your current kitchen a refresh, don’t leave out the importance of kitchen hardware. The kitchen hardware you choose should not be taken lightly, replacing old kitchen cabinet hardware is such an easy way to bring new life to your kitchen in such a short amount of time. The top choice for kitchen hardware in 2021 was Matte Black hardware. Not only trending in the kitchen, from cabinets, door pulls but also light fixtures,  doors knobs, and decor, it provides a sleek and modern look that is all the trend.As well as Matte Black, kitchen trends in cabinet hardware are bar pulls vs. knobs. They provide a classic look  and come in a variety of colors and finishes and are often affordable for your wallet.
    3. Bring in Natural Elements
      The use of natural materials like untreated wood, reclaimed wood, and butcher block countertops have increased in popularity considerably during the past few years. The natural elements bring added warmth and depth to a kitchen, while having the comfortable and natural feel of the wood elements. Not only because of the aesthetic quality, but for the increased health benefits, such as unpainted wood cabinets reduce the amount of chemically treated items in the home vs. painted cabinets.
    4. Tile & Marble:
      Whether you prefer marble or tile, or want something extra special with texture and character, there’s something out there for every budget and style when it comes to tile for your kitchen. Tile & Marble are often used in backsplashes for kitchens and provide style and function.Tile: There are so many patterns and textures to choose from when it comes to backsplash tile, the trend for 2021 is the classic subway tile expressed in a Herringbone Pattern. Other options like natural ceramic or porcelain tiles are also an interesting tile option to add detail to your kitchen.Adding tile will also add a bit of texture to the overall look and feel of your kitchen, often straying from the common subway tile can provide dimension and texture (like geometric shapes and patterns) in a backsplash, and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make a statement. Marble: The use of marble in kitchens is classic and stands the test of time. Marble has always had a modern, sleek look, but may not be as budget friendly. There are so many options for marble, like tile marble has a wide variety of colors, markings, and veining. It won’t be hard to find a marble that will suit the style and look of your kitchen.

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*USDA | U.S.Dept of Agriculture – Economic Research Service https://www.ers.usda.gov/amber-waves/2016/november/americans-spend-an-average-of-37-minutes-a-day-preparing-and-serving-food-and-cleaning-up/