There’s something about the happiness that comes from having a great home design, whether it stems from the most desired room in your home, into your kitchen, flowing to your bath and bedrooms. You can style it just the way you like it!  

Each individual home is unique. That is what is so great about home design, everyone can have their own style, mix, and match, and set the unique tone of your home, and throw in little touches to stand out! When it comes to designing your home, new trends come and go, but some are here to stay. We love these 2021 bathroom designs that are sure to stimulate your design motivation for your next bathroom remodel or bathroom renovation!

  • Be Bold & Modern

Colors: We often spend the most time every morning in the bathroom, why not start your morning off bold, just like your coffee. Bring in the bright modern white with black hardware in the shower and on cabinets, or be bold with bright and cheerful wall color, with pops of metallic brass fixtures.

Tile: Be bold in tile choice for a backsplash or shower tile. Often an accent wall can match the floor tile to keep a seamless flow from floor to ceiling. 

  • Create a Spa-Like Environment

Who else loves a walk-in shower in comparison to a tub style? Create a spa-like bathroom environment with seamless transition shower doors, step-in shower stalls (big enough for the whole family), or an open shower and tub room. Having a bathroom with a large shower or soaking tub, can help make you feel calm from a stressful day. Adding warm colors and wood accents will also make your bathroom feel like a vacation day at the spa. 

  • Tile & Marble

Patterned Tile: It is on-trend to use bold pattern designs and sometimes mismatched tiles. In bathrooms, there are many ways to use and place tile. From the bathroom floor to the walls, and the bigger the better when it comes to tile. There are so many patterns and textures to choose from when it comes to tile, for 2021 herringbone tile pattern is the trend and is often a classic. 

Marble: Did marble ever go out of style? Not sure, but it’s back! Marble always has a clean and stylish look, why not add it to your bathroom design.  Just like tile, marble has a wide variety of colors, markings, and veining. It won’t be hard to find a marble that will suit your style.

  • Even Your Bathroom Can Be Smart

Every home has some level of smart-home capabilities, bringing the easy smart-home features into your bathroom just makes sense. After all, it is 2021! New trending features can include smart mirrors, featured lighting, tv displays, waterproof speakers, and voice-activated shower controls.  The smart-home capabilities currently trending can control shower length, temperature control, and shower timer, and shower presets.

Overall 2020 and most of 2021 has been a challenging year for all of us, and home is more important than ever! Enjoy your bathroom and other areas of your home with an update or renovation with LHS Remodeling & Design! Call today for a free estimate at 734-270-6960 or send us an email at