How often does your family use the formal dining room? Are you ready to re-think, re-purpose, and re-use the least used room in your house?

Often long workdays, after-school/work activities, and weekend engagements are hard to make time to sit down for a meal. Many people or families like to eat more comfortably in their eat-in kitchen, on the island, or in front of the TV. So, instead of letting your formal dining space or room go to waste, let’s talk about how we can reuse and repurpose that room to be more functional so every family member can enjoy it. 

We have listed a few ideas and what to do with your unused dining room. 

  1. Set up a Home Office or ClassroomIf you currently have your office in your bedroom or taking up the guest space, it’s time to own your own at-home office. Or do you work remotely and/or do your children have virtual school or a quiet place to do homework? Either way, a quiet space dedicated to productivity(of any kind) could be exactly what your family needs.

    Make it functional with a desk or two, shelves, filing cabinets, a supply area, and soft lighting. Don’t forget to make the space your own, add a plant, and some of your favorite artwork, your kid’s artwork, or paint it your favorite color. Bring in your book collection and add some nostalgic items that will make you happy and relaxed.

    As for the classroom edition, you and your children will have a quiet, open spot to work on school work, projects, and do some studying. This space will also be useful for online classes and lecture courses. 

  2. Create a Library & Sitting Room

    If you are a book lover and love to spend hours with your nose in a good book, this may be the solution you are looking for. It’s easy to find a chair to read in but, converting your unused dining room into a serene space to read, relax, and unwind is the perfect answer. Don’t settle for your bedroom, common area, or a room with a TV (where you know it won;t be quiet), instead choose to sit in your new space lined with shelves of books, or free-standing shelves with your favorite titles.

    Add some comfy furniture, or armchair, plush pillows, and a blanket to curl up with Also add in some overhead lighting with a dimmer switch or a few soft lamps to cozy up the space. It will become the best spot in the whole house. 
  3. Offer a Playroom or Game Room

    Choose to convert your dining area into a billiard or ping-pong table. What family wouldn’t get use out of a play area or game room? Set up your playroom to be used for the whole family, from board games, cards, or modern gaming stations like PlayStation, Xbox, or a streaming TV for gaming. Add a comfortable couch with bean bag chairs, side tables with coasters, and a coffee table to play with the whole family. Gather enough controllers for family, friends, and relatives to play and join in the fun. Add some extra activities like coloring books, crayons, Legos, Barbie’s Dream House and etc. You can also add cubicles or a toy chest for the loose toys to keep them organized.

    Decorate with style, if you have younger kids, go for bright colors and furniture that is easy to clean. If you have older kids or mostly adults in your home, choose modern colors that will compliment your furniture and have a seat for everyone.  
  4. Add a Guest Bedroom

    Does your family have guests often? But you often have to set up an air mattress or have them sleep on a couch? Give them a better option by repurposing the dining room into an additional bedroom for your guests. Guests won’t feel as though they are a burden, they will look forward to spending the night, and you will be willing to host more guests in the future.

    Set up the room as any other bedroom to make your guests feel comfortable, add a bed, a dresser, nightstand, and other furniture. Although this room may not have the space to add a closet, be sure to make it comfortable and install blinds or shades if needed. Keep the room simple and the end result will benefit you and your guests.  
  5. Build a Nursery

    It’s almost time, the baby is coming, time to nest and prepare. But where? You already have a full house and don;t have the time, money, or energy to look for a new house or move? Not all families have a spare room for when the new baby arrives. Here’s the chance for babies to get their own space. You’ll be able to create the space you’ve been dreaming of.

    Babies are so small but have a lot of stuff, from the crib, to changing tables, supplies, clothes, toys, and etc. They need space, why not create the space they need out of an unused room instead? You will have the space the baby needs and the privacy for you to take care of your new addition.
  6. Add a Den or Extra Space to Decompress

    Sometimes, when work is done, dinner is finished, the weekend afternoon is rainy, you just need an extra space to decompress on your own. Use this space as it is needed for your family, whether it’s just another living area, a special den for a long-stay guest, or an area of solitude for yourself.The family can join in to watch a movie, work on a craft, play the guitar, or play a grueling game of Euchre. Sounds like the perfect spot to me. The den will soon become the sought-after space you didn’t know you needed. All dens require comfortable furniture, so invest in some recliners or an oversized comfy couch, with plush pillows to take an afternoon nap on. Choose a TV to fit your family’s needs. It may also be a good idea to create a small corner to read a book or a small work zone.

Overall, transform and repurpose your unused dining room into a new space for your family. Don’t let that space go to waste, instead turn it into something beautiful, and useful, that will benefit the family. Don’t hesitate to reach out to LHS Remodeling and Design, we can bring your dining room to life and help create your dream space. Schedule a consultation with us, click or call, 734-270-6960, or Schedule a Consultation

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