As homeowners, we know that remodeling can be overwhelming and not as easy as a simple DIY project. A home remodel can provide a dream environment, while increasing your home value. Before you start a remodeling project big or small, consider hiring a professional remodeler. Hiring a professional remodeler can provide the best way to complete the project of your dreams. 

A professional home services company, like LHS Remodeling & Design, is more of a necessity than a luxury when it comes to remodeling your home. Our skilled tradesmen are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail to ensure your home remodeling process is performed with safety and efficiency. We have listed some key benefits when hiring a professional remodeler for your home.

Safety & Experience on the Job

When remodeling within your home, safety is always a major concern, especially if you have children or pets. Professional remodelers ensure that safety is the first priority and cares about the safety of your family during the entire remodeling project. It is imperative for the professional remodeler to make sure that every project or installation is done with safety, accuracy, and preciseness every time. Experience & safety go hand in hand and are especially important for a renovation that includes any type of electrical, plumbing, or structural work, etc. In addition to the professional having proper insurance, professional remodelers have the experience to help prevent common renovation accidents and keep your home safe for you and your family.

Proper Licensing, Certification, and Integrity

An essential part of being a professional remodeler is maintaining a trustworthy business. This includes having best practices in place with every project, such as writing precise contracts, having insurance, providing warranties, and more. All professional remodelers will be able to provide you with a copy of their business license, proof of liability insurance, and company guarantees. Sometimes specific licenses or certifications are needed for home improvements depending on the project. In addition to making sure the professional remodeler has the correct licenses and certifications to complete the project safely and legally, it is not uncommon to ask for a copy of their insurance policies and check that they’re up to date.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

A professional home remodeler can provide all the services you need to complete a home renovation. You tell them what you want, your design ideas, samples of the feel &esthetics, then they’ll take it from there. With your schedule in mind, they will workday schedule and timeline of how and when the project will be completed. This may include getting the proper permits, coordinating with suppliers, the necessary team members /technicians, etc. They will work to make sure that the project is completed within a timely manner and on schedule. Communication is key in the process of a home remodel, be sure that the company you choose has great references and open communication during all aspects of your project. 

Excellent Planning & Exceptional Work

Completing home remodeling projects means that you’ll have an interruption into your routine schedule of work, school, and social life. Especially if you have kids at home, it can be a difficult task to maintain a regular schedule as you work around the home renovation project at the same time. By hiring a professional remodeling company, they will take the stress out of DIY and take care of the entire project more efficiently and work with your already routined schedule.

In addition to sometimes reorganizing your daily routine, professional remodelers can help homeowners manage the need, wants, and challenges in their existing home design and exceed their design expectations while staying within their budget. If your dream kitchen or bathroom has certain physical limitations, outdated design, or functionality flaws, professional remodelers have a plethora of knowledge and experience to identify these issues and successfully solve the desired project needs you are looking for. Proper training and invaluable experience help remodelers identify the various options and solutions to satisfy their customers.

If your goal is a well-executed project, then your best bet is to hire a professional remodeler. By investing in their knowledge, trust, and expertise, you’ll be able to enjoy the multiple benefits of high-quality craftsmanship for many years to come. Regardless of when you decide to remodel your home, LHS Remodeling & Design is happy to help. We are experts at home remodeling & renovations, big or small!  We’d be honored to help you get your remodeling project underway. Please call us at 734-270-6960 for more information.

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While it can be tempting to take on a project yourself, chances are that working with a professional local remodeling company is the right way to go. Why stress over all the details of your remodeling project if you don’t have to? We specialize in designing and remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, and basements to fit your busy lifestyle. At LHS Remodeling & Design, we love helping our clients make their dreams a reality. Give us a call at 734-270-6960 or contact us online today to request a consultation for your home.