In general, life tends to slow down during the fall and winter seasons. This allows most people to make time for renovations more easily. If we’re spending more time inside our homes, we may as well work on improving it! What projects should you consider for the cooler weather ahead and why? Well, we will focus on renovations that limit the exiting and re-entering of your home so we’re not letting cold air in and warm air out. Also, there are projects that do not require machinery or large tools that would otherwise need to be used outside.

Custom Storage (Cabinets and Shelving)
Who doesn’t love beautifully crafted, built-in shelving? Whether it’s part of your entryway, an addition to your kitchen, or even bookcases. You may find that you need more storage for bulky winter items like blankets, coats, as well as organizing accessories. This storage space carries into the spring and summer for any outdoor accessories. We can provide you with custom storage solutions that not only serve function, but make for an impactful design piece. 

Backsplash (Kitchen or Bathroom)
The wonderful thing about a backsplash installation is it’s an incredibly quick project that can completely transform the style of your kitchen or bathroom. Depending on materials used, it can also often be a pretty affordable project. This job is perfect for our team because we can bring all necessary tools and materials into your home and without taking up much space. Additionally, consider costs. Kitchen projects, in general, are more common in the spring and summer, so if you wait for the “off-season”, you may get a good deal on materials.

Laundry Room Remodel
As pointed out by, a laundry room remodel can be tricky any time of year because it is a heavily used room, sometimes used daily. However, you’re likely using this room more often in the spring and summer with washing your clothes and bed sheets due to sweating from the heat. Renovating an often drab laundry room with new flooring, custom shelving, and countertops may be the renovation you didn’t know you needed. And if you’re living in a home with a laundry room in the basement that is pretty bare bones and open, perhaps a drywall installation is needed to make the space feel more comfortable and compartmentalized. These renovations can be simple and relatively clean. Laundry rooms are likely in need of additions, not demolition.

Basement Remodel
Basements might not be the first pick for home renovating, but they can undergo the biggest transformations. Is your basement in need of new flooring? Maybe even drywall? Are you looking to create a secondary living space, or guest room? Depending on the current state of your basement, there is a lot of potential for big changes. If you have an unfinished basement, it may be wise to get insulation and drywall installed before the cold really kicks in. Even if you spend more time indoors, perhaps your basement isn’t typically occupied. Which means we can remodel and redesign your basement without ever being in your way!

Lastly, if you are looking for economical renovations or easy-to-do projects that help insulate or save energy costs, check out these ideas from Fortune Builders.

If any of these renovations have sparked your interest, or you’d like to discuss another project, call us at (734) 270-6969. Happy renovating and stay warm!

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