Homeowners often ask “What’s the best time to start a home remodel?” The best response we commonly tell our homeowners is “As long as you’re ready, any time is the best time for a remodel.” It is often better to look at what you are remodeling rather than when. At LHS Remodeling & Design, we help homeowners determine the best time to start their remodeling projects. 

First, we can determine what the plans will be for the remodeling space in your home, whether it be a kitchen, small bathroom, shower installation, or basement remodeling. We can help choose the products and materials, then determine the labor costs for the overall project.  We are proud to work with the best quality materials and experienced installers in the industry, this way we can help you stay on budget while spending your time and money in the most efficient way possible.

Next, we will plan the remodeling schedule and timeline for the remodeling project. With over 15+ years of experience, you can expect LHS Remodeling & Design to understand your needs, work around your busy schedule and provide an extraordinary, reliable customer experience with every project. 

Finally, we will choose a starting date for your home remodeling project. When planning a starting date for your remodeling project in advance, will benefit your budget for LHS Remodeling & Design to purchase and collect your project’s materials at the best price to maximize your budget.

It is also best to consider the time of year when choosing a starting date.  Many homeowners think spring is the best time for a remodel, the weather is getting warmer and can benefit if outside work is needed. The most demanded time for a remodeling company is May – October. So, when looking at the schedule and timing that is right for your family, it may be beneficial to hire a remodeling company in their “off-season” timeframe. It may be an excellent way to reduce costs and your overall budget.

Regardless of when you decide the best time is to start your home remodel, LHS Remodeling & Design is happy to get the process started. LHS Remodeling & Design is proud to maintain an excellent reputation for professionalism, quality, and customer service. We want to make sure each and every homeowner receives the same superior service, with customer satisfaction being our number one priority. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathroom or turn your unfinished basement into additional living space, you can trust LHS Remodeling & Design to deliver.

Discover the LHS difference and call us at 734-270-6960 today for more information and to SCHEDULE AN CONSULTATION for your home.