Celebrate National Home Remodeling Month with our COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP Home Remodeling Checklist

If you have thought about remodeling your home, you probably have some sort of plan, process, and finished look in mind. But, you might be unsure how it will all come together. For most homeowners, taking on a remodel is a big decision, and often knowing where to start can be confusing and overwhelming.  Generally, homeowners have images, magazine articles, Pinterest saves, and images of what they would like to see in their completed home renovation. LHS Remodeling & Design can bring those dreams into reality. So, we have put together our best step-by-step home remodeling checklist to help plan, prep & organize your home renovation.


Every remodel or renovation begins with a purpose. Whether that is to remodel for function, increase space, out with the old- in with the new, want to add value to your current home, or you’re getting ready to sell your home.  Once you’ve considered the why and purpose of your home remodel the planning phase can start. 


This is the fun part! Document what features you want and save images to share with your designer and build team. We always ask clients to show us 3 projects they love and 1 they do not like; this helps your designer understand your personal style and that makes designing much easier. You can include fabric swatches, paint colors, tile materials, and any design features that meet your fancy


With the purpose of your remodel nailed down, pun-intended, the next step is to ask yourself what your priorities are. Make a list of your non-negotiable items and negotiable items. Even include a dream list of items that may fit into the budget.  By making a priority list you will have a better idea of what you can’t live without, and where you have a little additional spending splurge in the budget.


We often ask the homeowners for a budget range that they are comfortable with, but often they have no idea. There must be a set budget to keep the project on course and with what you are comfortable spending. We recommend looking into options for financing if needed and keeping an extra 10-20% of padding in the budget to cover unexpected or unforeseen surprises.


The importance of a deadline is a projected date or month that you are looking to have your renovation complete. You may also have this date in mind when you get to talking to hiring home services or contractor companies. Even if you are not in a hurry to have your remodel complete, it often depends on the contractors’ schedule. We recommend having a calendar for the remodeling gold dates and to keep track of the progress of your project. Set dates with your contractor for each stage of the project (i.e. agreement, demolition, construction, and completed dates).


We are about halfway through the checklist and it’s time to get down to business. Do some research on local home renovation companies to help bring your dreams to reality. Ask neighbors, friends, and family for recommendations. Also, do online research to check reviews of local companies in your area. Don’t forget to check their credentials, review their websites, and look for a gallery of work completed that could be similar to yours. Use the information you found to narrow down a few top companies that you would like to contact. 


It is recommended to contact 2-3 contractors for estimates of your project. Often an estimate will require an in-home consultation, photos, and measurements of your space. During these in-home consultations or estimates, ask questions. It is important to ask the same questions of all contractors to compare and review their answers to your hard (and easy) questions. In addition to asking questions, check the contractor’s references, licenses, and insurance information. Also ask how many people are expected to be in your house, and how to get in touch with them on a daily basis. Remember your priority list and budget when looking into different companies/contractors to choose from.


Okay, this step is most important. You have selected a home remodeling company to trust with your remodel. You have all (most) your questions answered and you will be getting the design of your project underway. The home remodeling company and contractor assigned to your remodel will go over the list of materials, timeline schedule, project details, payment plan or financing, and how to get in contact with them during your remodel. 


Now that you have hired a remodeling company, you will have your project start date. It is recommended to get the project off to a good start by prepping your space and removing any needed furniture, items, or belongings from the project area. Put your belonging in a safe area out of the way – but accessible if needed. Some homeowners may need to put items in storage, down the basement, or relocate to a different room until the project is finished. You may also want close-by items or furniture to be draped with plastic or sheets to deter any demolition dust and debris.  Don’t forget to take BEFORE pictures to document and reveal the finished look with a before and after comparison. 


Today is the day, the first day of demolition, the construction crew is here and you are ready for the transformation to begin. During the remodeling phase, remember these few things: 

(1) Expect the Unexpected: Sometimes delays and unforeseen things come up. Expect delays to happen and remember to have patience when they do. Everyone is human, people get sick, materials may be delayed, etc. Having positive communication and a relaxed attitude can help all parties sense the calm to these delays that can be stressful at times. 

(2) Have Open Communication: If you won’t be home while the remodel takes place, make sure the crew or contractor assigned to your project can get a hold of you. Share cell and work numbers and have a backup or emergency contact is needed. Check-in regularly with the crew, this can help with needed decisions, mistakes, or any miscommunication.


It’s the final day, your remodel is complete and was a success and you are ready to enjoy your new space. Thank your crew, contractor, and remodeling company, we are sure they will seem like family after the time spent in your home. We recommend sending a small hand-written thank you note to the company you’ve hired, sharing a positive review on social media, and writing a testimonial to express your gratitude.

Once you move your belongings back into the remodeled space take photos of the completed remodel. You can finally celebrate because you’ve successfully completed a remodel and can now live in your newly renovated space. Show off your remodeled space with family, friends, and neighbors. Host a party for close family and friends and share your space on social media. Time to relax and enjoy your newly remodeled space.


Regardless of when or what stage you’re at in process of your home remodel, LHS Remodeling & Design is happy to get the process started. LHS Remodeling & Design is proud to maintain an excellent reputation for professionalism, quality, and customer service. We want to make sure each and every homeowner receives the same superior service, with customer satisfaction being our number one priority. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathroom or turn your unfinished basement into additional living space, you can trust LHS Remodeling & Design to deliver.

Discover the LHS Difference and call us at 734-270-6960 today for more information and to schedule an estimate for your home.




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