We’re approaching that time of year where family and friends get together and hosting these festivities can be quite the task! If you are hosting, you may feel the need to spruce up your home before your guests arrive. There are many ways to easily update your home without a massive renovation. The holidays can be a lot to prepare for as is, so here are some easy and effective small project and design tips. We suggest you take a look at specific areas of your rooms, focusing on redesigning certain areas can change the room as a whole.

If you have the space to add storage, shelving, or seating, you can transform this space in both style and functionality. LHS can make customized shelving for your entryway and we can do it quickly. Whether its part of a shelving unit, or another storage area, be sure to give your guests an obvious space or location for their shoes. This will keep them out of the way and creates a sense of welcoming. If you have room for a table, this can be stylized as well. Nathan James suggests decorating, but not cluttering the surface with candles, a key dish, books, baskets (these are likely better under the table), or a table runner.

Replace or install a carpet runner on your hardwood floor stairway. This will give your staircase a very polished, elegant look. It will help accentuate your hardwood flooring and will also cover wearing or scratches that may present up and down the stairs. Additionally, consider re-painting your banister. It may be dull or have scratches and wear and tear. You could choose a new, brighter color, or simply freshen it up with the original or similar paint color.

Dinning Room
This is easily the most important and utilized room for this time of year. Without having to splurge on a new dining table set, there are other ways to spruce up this space. Focus on the lighting in this room. Does the chandelier need replacement? You don’t have to go over-the-top, there are many great options with subdued designs but the most important thing is they are brightening up your space. Are you in need of a new rug? If so, be sure to take measurements before you go shopping. Pottery Barn suggests leaving at least 24” of room between the back of the chairs and the edge of the rug. You want the rug to cover the floor past the seats even when they are pulled out.

Living Room/Sitting Room
Swap out seasonal pillows or throw blankets. They don’t have to have pumpkins, Christmas trees, “Thankful” or “Merry” expressions on them. It’s completely fine if that is your preference, however, couch decor can give a holiday vibe with a longer, more seasonal approach with warm and muted colors and soft and cozy textures. Similarly with the dining room, a rug can really freshen up any sitting room. Additionally, if this isn’t a room with your Christmas tree in it, try adding more than one tree to your home. Add a smaller tree to your dining room, entryway, or any corner of a room outside of the one featuring the “main” tree.

We hope we were able to provide some helpful suggestions on how to liven up your home this holiday season. For any project, big or small, we at LHS can take the planning and work off your hands. If you want any renovations done for your home, please contact us! Happiest of holidays ahead to you and yours.